"we have no idea what we're doing"
-- seriously

Steve: Probably how messy Tony is. It’d be nice to not find random bits of metal or streaks of grease across the place from time to time.

April 20th — and with 3 notes

Tony: See Loki cry over Titanic one last time.

Loki: I was pregnant and overemotional, so shut your trap.

April 20th — and with 16 notes

Jac: Pretty amazing, to be honest.

Hey Lou I'm the anon from b4 about you not answering my questions! You still haven't answered them D: —Anonymous

OOC: hello! i have a ton of questions waiting to be answered and about 11 in the inbox still (including this one, of course) that need to be print-screened. i haven’t been answering questions lately bc of homework and stuff but i plan to start again sometime today, probably in an hour or two. perhaps your questions are in there!! uwu

April 13th — and with 1 note

Tony: No…? Sounds like the summary for a bad fanfic, if I’m honest.

March 27th — and with 7 notes

Steve: I haven’t noticed anything different except I’m eating more than normal but the  morning sickness has calmed down so.

March 27th — and with 7 notes

Loki: Get the things they need and dull the pain for them if they get too bad.

Steve: Stock up on foods they may crave and be there for them during their mood swings.

March 27th — and with 7 notes

Tony: Looking forward to it!

March 27th — and with 5 notes

Steve: Well done!

March 27th — and with 3 notes

Thor: May I just have the peanut butter, please?

March 27th — and with 2 notes
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